Friday, December 3, 2010

Financial Woes

Dear Friends;

Financial situations are seldom easy. However, with an abuser who wants to keep you down, finances can be his greatest ally and your greatest enemy. This page when it is complete, hopefully can give you advice on steps you can take to avoid the financial pitfalls that many of us who have been forced to start over again have gone through. I am hoping to interview many women who have done just that and the things they have had to deal with along the journey.

Remember, keep the faith! There is hope.



Things You Can and Should Do:

1. Keep your plans to yourself unless you are receiving assistance from an organization or a trusted friend (i.e. Employee Assistance Program).

2. Make sure to have your own bank account/s (i.e. checking, savings) before making any plans.

3. Make sure your supervisor or manager at your workplace is aware of your situation. Only the weekend before you make your move to leave if possible.

4. DO NOT inform anyone close to the abuser (i.e. relative or friend) of your plans!

5. Be sure to close out all accounts right before you leave, that way the abuser cannot control your money and use that to keep you there.

6. If you have children, you need to get into a shelter. If you are working, call your Employee Assistance for help.

7. DO NOT give the abuser any reason to question your actions or a reason to be suspicious.

Stay tuned and please check back frequently for updates.

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